Consulting and providing  automation solutions

Consulting and providing automation solutions, systems and equipments for controlling and monitoring industrial processes in hotels, trade centers, airports, hospitals, factories, warehouses, farms:

  • Controlling Chiller and PAu for hotels and commercial areas.t

  • Controlling and monitoring automatic pressure pump, fire fighting and lightning control systems.

  • SCADA system with Graphic for operators.

  • Controlling and mornitoring fCu for Commercial Area.

  • Installing a complete communicaton sytem via bacnet tCP/iP for sharing DAtA to save cabling costs 

  • Monitoring and controlling ventilation for parking spaces in basements of buildings. 

  • Installing actuators to control dampers for corridor ventilation and smoke extraction.

  • Installing stairwell pressurization systems.

  • Controlling AHu (air handling unit) for operating rooms; controlling and monitoring temperature and humidity in operating rooms.

  • Controlling AHu (air handling unit);

  • Controlling and monitoring temperature and humidity for cleanrooms to meet required standards.

  • Drying and refrigeration system for farms.

  • Controlling ventilation for manufacturing areas and heating rooms.


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