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Dan minh is a Dong Nai, Vietnam - based automation consulting firm that has been delivering automation solutions to clients since 2006. We offer professional consulting services that are completely customizable for your business needs.

Products and Services

Supplying electrical automation equipments :

  • Misubishi (mCCP, ACB, iNVerter, SerVo, PlC, magnetic contactor),

  • Omron (PlC , Hmi, Battery charger system : fre SCr board, SCr, thyristor)

Consulting and providing automation solutions, systems and equipments for controlling and monitoring industrial
processes in hotels, trade centers, airports, hospitals, factories, warehouses, farms:

  • Controlling Chiller and PAu for hotels and commercial areas.

  • Controlling and monitoring automatic pressure pump, fire fghting and lightning control systems.

  • SCADA system with Graphic for operators.

  • Controlling and mornitoring fCu for Commercial Area.

  • Installing a complete communicaton sytem via bacnet tCP/iP for sharing DAtA to save cabling costs

  • Monitoring and controlling ventilation for parking spaces in basements of buildings.

  • Installing actuators to control dampers for corridor ventilation and smoke extraction.

  • Installing stairwell pressurization systems.

  • Controlling AHu (air handling unit) for operating rooms;

  • Controlling and monitoring temperature and humidity in operating rooms.

  • Controlling AHu (air handling unit);

  • Controlling and monitoring temperature and humidity for cleanrooms to meet required standards.

  • Drying and refrigeration system for farms.

  • Controlling ventilation for manufacturing areas and heating rooms.


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Dan Minh Company Limited. Tax code 3600798234.


514C2 An Binh Residential Area, An Binh, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai, Vietnam

info@danminh.com +84.908.991.302


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